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"Every day we would be bombarded with hundreds of new emails, and it would often take us 2-3 weeks to respond. Sponsaur gave us the much needed ability to funnel all our sponsorship requests into one single database. More importantly, it allowed us to do it quickly, and efficiently by enabling us to create screening-out questions and set minimum requirements." Nick Lacagnina, Marketing Coordinator
"Fast implementation, easy to understand interface and a dedicated team are just some of the reasons we chose to use Sponsaur. Sponsaur allowed us to structure our processes; saving time and preventing rework which has been very helpful in improving our sponsorship marketing." Chris Mitchell, Global eSports Manager
"As The Next Web has grown, we've gotten an almost unmanageable amount of requests for media partnership. Sponsaur's customizable form allows us to ask all of the right questions, without getting overwhelmed with information. The dashboard gives us an at-a-glance update of what's happening with each request and the entire process just runs better. Sponsaur helps to save my sanity." Brad McCarty, Director of Business Development
"Sponsaur provides the tools we need to support the video game and eSports community through a centralized network where professional teams, players, and shoutcasters can apply to become the next GUNNAR Ambassadors. Now, we can focus on providing great eyewear and show lots of love for our evangelists!" Nathaniel Pope, International Sales & Marketing Manager
"Sponsaur provides the tools and efficiency we need to support the eSports community through a centralized network where anyone and everyone can easily apply to be sponsored by Hauppauge. We are proud to say we use Sponsaur for all of our sponsorship needs and it is an amazing time saver and an all-around life saver!" Kerry Bennett, Social Media Manager
"Sponsaur has been instrumental in helping us expand our sponsorship programs to achieve our sponsorship goals. Sponsaur is our "One-Stop Shop" for managing our entire sponsorship process." Matt Delgado, Marketing Manager
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